London City Airport Announces Sustainable Security Bag Challenge Winner

  • TIPA have been awarded £10k for developing a fully compostable security bag for London’s most central airport.  
  • A trial will be rolled out in spring 2021 as passengers return in numbers.
  • In 2021 the airport will launch its new sustainability strategy which will set out its ambition to become one of the most sustainable airports of its size in Europe.
TIPA have today been announced as the winners of the London City Airport Sustainable Security Bag Challenge.
TIPA, who have a decade long background in providing sustainable packaging solutions for clients including Waitrose and Stella McCartney, were able to provide the airport with a product made from fully transparent materials, aligned to regulatory standards, and can be composted at home by London City passengers or disposed as food waste at the airport.
London City Airport’s, Director of Corporate Affairs, Liam McKay, said:

“When we launched this challenge we said we were looking for an innovative solution that reduces the environmental impacts associated with single-use plastics.
“I am delighted to say that is what we have found in the product provided by TIPA and I am confident that our passengers will love them because the bags are fully compostable without leaving any trace of plastics in the environment – it’s a solution that’s environmentally friendly and gives passengers peace of mind.
Sustainability will be at the heart of our industry’s recovery, and looking ahead, London City wants to work with partners on finding innovative solutions, right across our business, that will help us become one of the most sustainable airports of our size.”

TIPA’s VP of Marketing, Merav Koren, said:

“Consumers are more educated than ever about the impacts of single-use plastic and are calling for swift implementation of sustainable solutions to plastic waste and pollution. London City Airport joins other influential players shifting toward bioplastics as a solution to single-use plastic.
TIPA is thrilled to be chosen to help replace over 2 million single-use plastic bags by London City Airport. We believe that high-performance compostable films provide new opportunities for major corporations like LCY to continue their operations safely while reaching sustainability goals”.

An initial trial with 25,000 bags is scheduled for spring 2021 as more passengers return to the airport.
Notes to Editors
  • London City Airport continues to reduce waste in other areas of the business, including the conversion of all its coffee waste to biofuel, with bio-bean, turning four tonnes of coffee waste into a sustainable fuel source last year.
  • To reduce the amount of plastic waste across the airport, London City Airport was also the first UK airport to ban single-use plastic straws. Now the airport is seeking a robust sustainable solution for plastic security bags for passengers. 
  • The airport’s new Sustainability Strategy will be published in 2021
  • The challenge was launched at the end of 2019 with the announcement of a winner delayed because of the impact of the COVID-19
  • The bags are manufactured in Germany
  • About TIPA® 
  • Inspired by nature, TIPA®'s compostable packaging solutions are designed to break down within months under compost conditions just like any organic matter.  
  • TIPA® packaging provides solutions for the food and fashion industries, and is built to fit existing machinery and supply chains.  
  • The company’s packaging solutions are currently being implemented worldwide by leading global brands in Europe, Australia, and the US. 
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Liam McKay
Director of Corporate Affairs