London City Airport implements real-time customer feedback system

  • Passengers can express their level of satisfaction with the London City Airport experience by pressing ‘emoji’ buttons at 16 different locations in the terminal
  • The cutting edge Feedback Now technology sends data to airport staff as-it-happens, including alerts via text message to help allocate resources effectively
  • No other UK airport has this real-time functionality – without a 24-hour lag on data – meaning customer journeys can be improved on the spot 
Passengers can now provide live ‘smart’ feedback on their London City Airport experience – from the quality of customer information to cleanliness of toilets – which airport staff will use to improve passenger journeys.
 The airport has introduced Feedback Now consoles throughout the terminal which allow customers to rate their satisfaction for different aspects of their journey.
The easy-to-use system is voluntary and requires passengers to choose from 3 ‘emoji’ buttons denoting differing degrees of satisfaction. The responses are captured in real-time and will help airport staff to allocate resources effectively.
In total, 60 consoles have been installed in 16 locations across the airport, visible at key stages of the passenger’s journey, including check-in and information desks, security search, toilets, passport control and baggage reclaim.
Melanie Burnley, Director of Customer Experience at London City Airport, said:
“As we continue to welcome record-breaking numbers of passengers through London City Airport, the real-time Feedback Now system will help our terminal team focus their efforts in the right places at the right time to give the best customer service possible.
“Whereas other airports have customer feedback systems, most of these have a 24 hour delay. We are the first UK airport to receive the data as-it-happens, meaning we can use the technology to respond quickly and ensure the great customer experience, efficient check-in and arrival, and speedy security is maintained.”
The cutting edge system will be valuable to the terminal managers who oversee the everyday running of the passenger terminal. They can monitor feedback to recognise the areas that are excelling and deploy resources where there is room for improvement.
For example, if a ‘dissatisfied’ button is pressed in the toilet three times in the space of 15 minutes, cleaning staff will receive an alert via text message and be able to respond immediately.  
In due course any patterns or trends detected from the data can also be used to further improve the customer experience and the smart system may also be integrated with other metrics.