New UK border measures and international travel restrictions - comment

Reacting to the UK Government’s introduction of new border measures and international travel restrictions, Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive of London City Airport, said:

"While these new restrictions will further postpone the recovery of aviation, we acknowledge that the UK Government has taken a risk-based approach to the hotel quarantine policy, rather than applying it to all arriving passengers.
We hope that key destination markets, in particular the EU and members states, will reciprocate and avoid blanket travel bans so that passengers who have an essential reason to travel can continue to do so.
The situation for our industry is critical and we need the Government to clearly set out the criteria for how and when quarantine and travel restrictions will be reviewed and relaxed.
The successful rollout of the UK vaccination programme should also encourage the Government to publish a roadmap on how it will, working with the EU and other partners, safely restart international travel in 2021. This is imperative for the UK’s economic recovery and London maintaining its status as a global centre for international business and tourism.
In the meantime, London City Airport will be working closely with our airlines to maintain connectivity and vital services to and from London in the weeks ahead."